Hospital Drawings

July and August of 2018 I was hospitalized for schizoaffective disorder. In the
months before that I spent a lot of my time walking around, following the signs.
On one of my walks I found a wooden ice wine box of unused Chinese ink
brushes, some with the price tags still on! The box of brushes was sitting on top
of a stack of collapsed cardboard boxes in a recycling bin, in an alley. I used
those brushes to work on this series of black and white ink illustrations in the
hospital. Later on, at home, I added colour to some with posca paint pens and
added bits of collage.

2018, mixed media (black pen, India ink, posca paint pen) and collage (feathers,
plant material, paper, paint chips, hospital napkins, reflectors, plastic) on paper,
9″ x 12″